Statement Regarding "Revleft 2"552

Statement Regarding "Revleft 2"

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Statement Regarding "Revleft 2"

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 18, 2012 2:12 pm

It has come to the attention of the administration of the Socialist Phalanx that our forum has been included in 'links' section of the RevLeft 2 website. This was apparently a unilateral action taken on the part of the administration of said website. (To my knowledge, no one in the administration/moderation of the Socialist Phalanx was involved in the decision.)

Having said that, I would like to express the appreciation of the Socialist Phalanx for having been included. We fully support those willing to promote our forum in a respectable manner. And I would add that, in the spirit of solidarity, we are willing to reciprocate by including a link to such websites on our page.

Upon learning of our inclusion in RevLeft 2, I discovered that an vulgar objection was raised by an individual who has previously and persistently misrepresented the ideological framework of our forum. This individual has again erroneously asserted that the Socialist Phalanx is "a group of fascists, racists, and ignorant fools." To be clear, our forum has always maintained an explicit opposition to fascism and racism, as well as sexism, antisemitism, homophobia, and national chauvinism. (That is in addition to our unyielding commitment to revolutionary socialism.)

The forum's policy regarding opposing views has been opportunistically seized upon by our detractors, in order to provide some semblance of validity to such fallacious claims. (We maintain a relatively liberal platform for our critics and opponents for the purpose of civil debate.)

All skeptical parties are invited to investigate this matter for themselves.

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"The slave frees himself when, of all the relations of private property, he abolishes only the relation of slavery and thereby becomes a proletarian; the proletarian can free himself only by abolishing private property in general."
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